St Peter's School Curriculum

Our School Curriculum

Although we describe and plan the curriculum in terms of subjects or areas of learning, as far as children are concerned, particularly those who have just started, there are just whole worlds of doing, exploring, making and investigating, reasoning and making sense. By carefully planning these experiences learning can be exciting and motivating, purposeful and demanding and we can help each individual attain their potential.

Often aspects of subjects are grouped together and form themes, such as 'The Greeks', or 'Ourselves'. Classroom environments, resources and even educational visits and visitors are all planned to stimulate and challenge children in order to provide a context for effective learning. Individual and group work is encouraged so that children may discover answers to their own questions through observation, experimentation and guidance by their teacher.

As teachers, it is our aim to establish what children can do in order to build on their existing understanding. Within each class, children will be grouped or set in different ways, for different activities or subjects, in order to make teaching and learning most effective. Children will be expected to work at their own level of attainment and study skills will be developed through the use of reference material, including the internet, and other sources.

On other occasions subjects will be taught in their own right, for instance, when learning to read and acquiring knowledge of multiplication facts. In this way the school curriculum will cover the National Curriculum subjects. These are the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science, Computing and the foundation subjects of Design Technology, History, Geography, Art, Music, Physical Education and Personal, Social and Health Education.

Added to this is Religious Education. The personal development of our pupils is also vitally important to us and we therefore include moral, social, cultural, community and health issues in our teaching.

Religious Education and Worship

We are a Church of England Controlled School and are proud of our links with the local church of St Peter's, Wrockwardine, and as such, we aim to develop our school practice in accord with Christian principles. As well as Christianity, we respect and explore other major world faiths through our teaching and shared worship. There is a variety of groupings for worship e.g. whole school and in year groups.

Worship is led by the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, teaching staff, the team vicar and other visitors to school; children are actively involved in our worship having the opportunity to share their work and their thoughts.

Religious Education is taught from the text, 'Understanding Christianity'; a comprehensive, high quality resource for teaching Christianity from the Church of England Education Office and R.E. Today. It explores core concepts of Christianity from Foundation Stage to Key Stage 2. This forms the integral part of the Religious Education scheme of work, which shapes the school curriculum, as well as introducing children to the main world religions. In addition, we encourage children to develop understanding, care and respect towards people with beliefs different to their own.

Parents do have the right to withdraw their children, therefore, should parents have any concerns with regard to their child taking part in our morning worship or religious Education lessons, they should contact the Headteacher.

Detailed policies are available on request but should you require further information about the school curriculum, please contact these key staff, via the school office:

For English enquiries                    - Miss C McCunnin
For Maths enquiries                      - Mrs N Lewis
For PE enquiries                           - Miss B Parton
For RE enquiries                           - Miss R Bulkeley-Jones
For any other subject enquiries      - Mrs A Martin

If your curriculum enquiry relates to a particular phase of school, please contact:

For Reception and Year 1              - Mrs S Barker
For Years 2, 3 and 4                     - Mrs N Lewis
For Years 5 and 6                        - Miss C McCunnin

If you have a different curriculum enquiry, please contact the Deputy Head Teacher - Mrs A Martin

Any enquiries to request withdrawal from any part of the curriculum must be made in writing to the Head Teacher - Mr M Davis.